I usually start a painting with a rough idea, a composition in mind, a few colors. But, at some point the painting takes over and shows it has a mind and soul of its own. The flowers can be traced back to a doodle I often drew as a kid on school notebooks, then later as an adult during staff meetings art directing magazines. I’ve always drawn and sketched, but painted very little. I took one art class at a junior college but didn’t paint much until I had kids, painting shapes that reflected my love of the flower power movement and other 60’s pop culture imagery. These days it seems the brush stroke is more than a flower. It’s an affirmation of life. A celebration of the love within. A voluptuous curve connected to another one. It is the visual expression of what is inside of me but, also works on others to bring out their happiness and love of life. My goal is to spread beauty. I paint from a place of love. The love of color and composition, of making something beautiful that wasn’t there before.

Design Resume