If you could transcribe Todd’s paintings into music, they’d be symphonies.

It’s as though they reach beyond the purely visual toward the musical,

as though you could hear them if you only had the ears for it. So musical, you could practically dance to them, spontaneous yet perfectly composed. 


Todd started painting along with his two young children. At first trying to use up paint that they abandoned, he painted shapes that reflected his love of 1960's pop culture imagery. The flowers can be traced back to a doodle as a child on school notebooks, then during business meetings as an adult.


Also a graphic designer living at The Brewery Arts Complex in Los Angeles, Todd has art directed several national newsstand magazines, websites, books, posters, music packaging, and various other creative endeavors.


"My goal is to spread beauty. I picture skyscrapers and bridges covered in my paintings. People smile when they look at them. The one comment I hear most often is, "It makes me happy." Just what I was going for.”


Signed, limited edition prints available.


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